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hi :) u can call me bella :) one wOrd frees us of all the weight and pain of life that word is lOve :) the persOn that i lOve Mr Zulkifli :) enjOy my blOg :) thank u sO much :) i am really appreciate :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

that's true friends :) 31 Jan 2013

this is amazing and awesOme :) guess what ? my friend + rOommates make a surprise party to celebrate my birthday :) it's really2 surprising :) SUMPAH ! mmg x sngke :) bnde yg x dijngke :) inilah yg dikatekn sahabat :) thank's kOrg :) x prnh lg kwn2 nk celebrate birthday kte :) tahun 2013 is the best year :) X tau lg lepas nie akan jmpe kOrg ke x ? or ade ke kwn mcm kOrg lpas nie ? :) hOpe prknalan kte bkn stakat smpai disini sje :) mOga ia brkekalan until jannah :) (mase nie kte demam! sebab tu muke kte pucat teruk :( )

enjOy and happy reading :)
Much lOve <3


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